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Method Statement & Design Philosophy

The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services would be designed in accordance with the Project Brief, which would be developed in the early stages of design, by means of reports, questionnaires and close liaison with the Client, Architect and other members of the project team.

American Standard sand Codes of practice, British Standards and Codes of Practice, European and other Internationally recognized Standards, together with the requirements of the CIBSE and IEE Wiring Regulations would be adopted for the design works, as appropriate. Local Standards and regulations would also be incorporated, and particular consideration would be given to Security, Fire Detection and Safety.

Emphasis would be given to efficient energy usage by implementation of current technology and industry trends, in order to minimize initial plant size consumption of non-renewable energy resources.

Similarly, the requirements of low cost, easily effected planned maintenance and subsequent equipment replacement, would be carefully considered.

Following prevailing policy to minimize the adverse environmental effects, consideration of recycled or recyclable materials would be given wherever available and appropriate. In any event, the project would be designed to minimize the effects of the following:

a. Consumption of energy 
b. The consumption of products associated with the destruction of tropical rainforests. 
c. The emission of pollutants, harmful radiation’s ozone layer depleting or global warming chemicals. 
d. The use of noxious substances

The use or emission of any product, pollutant, or substance covered by paragraphs ‘b’ to ‘d’ inclusive.


Apart from the general aim of energy conservation, consideration would be given to improving the thermal transmittance (U) values of the building constructional elements, particularly when this is may be easily incorporated within the design and can be shown to have long term financial advantages. 

One of the principal requirements of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services design, is that they are designed to provide the essential flexibility, adaptability and expendability, prerequisite for modern commercial building developments. It is inconceivable that the building partition layout, or function of some rooms or spaces, would not require modification during the life of the services installations. Flexibility and ability for upgrading must therefore be an inherent feature of the designs wherever possible, whilst bearing in mind costs.

Whilst the system with the lowest first cost may initially seem to be the most attractive, it should be remembered that the best system is one which provides lowest owing and operating costs throughout its life and incorporates the most flexibility.

Analyses would be undertaken of the available options during the early stages of design and subsequently developed, in consultation with the Client and project team. 


The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services would be designed in accordance with the Project Brief, which would be developed in the early stages of design, by means of reports.../read more>>>





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